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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mercedes B With Elder Warner {Week 25}

Wow this week was crazy!! First of all, sorry that I haven’t sent out an email for like 3 weeks.  Things have been really crazy and I had a ton of emails to respond to and didn’t have time!!! So late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! haha 

So on Tuesday I got my new comp! Elder Warner! He’s from Provo and he has 1 year on the mission!! He’s awesome!! We are super similar and get along really well!!!  We have been having a really good time here in Mercedes.  Something that I have learned so far on my mission is that patience and perseverance are key in life! haha December was a really hard month for me in a lot of ways, but I have learned that if we are patient in our afflictions, and keep going, things will get better!  Sometimes it’s just hard to be patient! haha.  But I truly know that God knows exactly what we need at the exactly right time.  
Elder Warner and I 
So this week we found someone awesome.  What happened, was a couple of weeks ago, we were waiting at a stop light on our bikes, and there was a kid on a motorcycle that was waiting too.  We were both trying to turn right (but here it’s illegal to turn right on a red)  So we were waiting and all of a sudden he turned to me and yelled "Where are you from?" in English!! That really caught me off guard! So I told him the US, then we started talking, but the light turned green, so we kept talking as we turned the corner. It was the weirdest contact though because after the light turned green, we kept talking after we turned for like 4 blocks! Riding side by side!! haha finally we pulled over and started to talk a little more. Turns out that he really loves English and wants to live in the states.  He was only 18 but he looks like he’s 26! He’s really cool! So we got his direction and went to the appointment that we had.  Later that night we were unlocking the door to the pench and all of a sudden a car honked at us!  It was him!!! He was driving to the store and he saw us opening our pench door! haha super weird!! 2 times in one night!! He’s awesome and it was a miracle to find him!! Tonight we have another appointment with him!  I’ll let you know how it goes!

We love our green Spanish books! (For all of you learning Spanish for your missions, use this! IT IS THE BEST!!) It is what makes you fluent faster! haha

Also, oh my goodness I am DYING OF HEAT!!! hahaha It is seriously SO HOTTT HERE!  I have a thermometer on my alarm clock and in our room it’s a good 90 degrees 24 hours a day!!  One night I wasn’t able to go to sleep because it was so hot and I was just laying on top of my bed until midnight.  Finally I had an idea, so I got up, went to the freezer and put some ice in zip lock bags.  I made 2 icepacks and laid them on my face/body in order to fall asleep! haha I’ve never been so hot in my life!  Then, that same night I woke up at like 4am dying again, but that time I was able to fall back asleep!! But it’s so crazy! I never thought that I would be this hot here!!  It’s also SUPER HUMID!! Like 90-100% every day here in Mercedes!  I’ve gotten used to just taking pure cold showers morning and night!! haha Elder Rojas my old comp always takes ice baths, I took a picture I send it (he takes them in his clothes so his clothes can stay wet and keep him cool) but yeah.  That’s the weather in Argentina right now.  How is it for you guys? haha
Downtown Mercedes, in front of the Catholic Cathedral
Well I love you all tons!!  I hope that you all have an amazing week!!

Un Abrazo,

Elder Cook

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