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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Con Dios, Todos es Posible {Week 27}

We made tacos
HOLA! Okay I don't know where to start.  The weeks are starting to blend together and I can't remember what I have already wrote, and what I haven't.  So this week was just a "normal" week.  Nothing odd really happened... But about mi querido amigo, Nahuel, we are working with him, but he doesn't want to progress.  He knows that the Book of Mormon is true and what happened with Joseph Smith is true, but he doesn't want to leave his religion. (He's Catholic.)  Down here in South America, at least in Argentina, Catholicisim is more of a tradition than a religion.  By being baptized and becoming a mormon, he would be separating himself from his family´s tradition.  We are still visiting him, but right now he doesn't want to progress.  But I know without a doubt, all he needs is time.  The seed is planted.  At some time in his life I know that he is going to accept the gospel.  I still pray for him everyday.  He has become one of my greatest friends.  He wants to come to the states to live and now he wants to come to Utah!!  I still have faith and hope that he will accept it.
Yummy lunch last P-day
Also, this week we had a "capilla abierta" open chapel.  Which is where we open the doors to the chapel and have banners and stations and everything for the public to come in and see how our church is.  We got a lot of references from it and it was really fun!  My part of the tour was me and Elder Rojas were dressed in baptismal clothes and stood by the font and talked about baptism.  We actually challenged people to be baptized and a lot of people accepted!!  Miracles come from open chapels!  I'll send pictures.
Everyone who helped run "Open Chapel". The guy next to me used to be a mission president in Chile
Capilla Abierta

I love our branch president!  President Lettieri (He's Italian of course!)

Also, for my 6 month cumple mes, we bought 14 empanadas and had an "empanada cake" with a 6 candle in it!!  haha It was really fun and really good!!  I'll send a picture of that too!
Empanada cake for my 6 months!!

I'm really loving Elder Warner as my companion! He's so awesome!  We are SUPER similar in everything that we do.  It's super weird actually.  But yeah, just a usual week in the service of the Lord.  Speaking of service we also helped weed a yard that was COVERED in weed trees that were prickly!  

Giant prickly weeds before the missionaries helped!


This week I challenge everyone who reads this letter to go out and serve someone!  Serve someone random or someone you know.  It can be simple, but DO IT!  If you do it, send me an email and tell me what you did!  I'm excited to read them!
Outside of our pench
Our kitchen...after I cleaned it!

Our front room.

Stairs going up to the bedrooms

Love you all!

Elder Cook

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