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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

6 Mesas ya? {Week 26}

Wow! The 15th of January is my 6 month mark!! That’s so weird! I feel like I just started my misión (sorry computer is autocorrecting in Spanish) and now I’m a quarter of the way done!  It’s super sad!  But this week was awesome!! I’m really enjoying my time with Elder Warner! He is awesome!! haha We are SUPER similar and think the same way, so I'm basically just living with a clone of myself! haha Super funny!
So hot!! Ice bath...water running on his head haha
This week was amazing, but also sad!!  We taught Nahuel (the kid on the moto).  So he wants to learn English so he can go to the states, so we taught him English at first then we taught him the restoration!  Oh my goodness!  It was the most spiritual lesson I have had on my misión yet.  We got to Joseph Smith’s experience and while Elder Warner was relating the first visión, the spirit came into the room SOOOO STRONG!!  We waited in silence for a little while, and then asked how he was feeling.  He said "muy raro" (really weird).  We asked him to describe it and he said he couldn’t, it was just in his heart and he felt really weird!!!   We told him that it was the spirit and how it testified of the truth of things.  We finished teaching and asked him to offer the prayer and pray to know if these things were true and the spirit was so strong!!  He said amen and we were just surrounded by the spirit.  We sat in silence for probably 2 minutes while the spirit was working in his heart.  He started to cry and said that he had never felt a feeling like this is his entire life!  It was amazing!  We challenged him to be baptized but he said he didn't know, and that he wanted to wait to see.  We went by the next day and he had read the chapter in the BoM that we left him and he told us that the whole time that he was reading the chapter he had the same "raro" feeling!!  He said that he knew what happened with Joseph Smith was true and the BoM was true!  So AMAZING!!  He said he had never felt what he’s feeling right now from doing these things in his life before.  I have truly grown so much love for him and I can feel the greatest joy in my heart!

We did service-built a house

I remember my seminary teacher, Brother Christiansen, told me, "You will experience the greatest joy that you can ever imagine" (in my misión).  I hadn’t experienced that joy until now.  Wow I can’t describe it!!  It’s just a continuous joy and love!!!  I’m so sorry I want to write more but I’m out of time!!  Just Nahuel is a miracle!!  We are just working with him on the baptism thing because he’s really Catholic.  So we have been praying and praying and fasting for him!! 

That’s the miracle of the week.  Sorry I can’t explain it more.  I will next week!!

The misión is THE BEST!!  Experiences like these are definitely worth any and all of the trials and hard times!!

Love you all!! Have a great week!!

Elder Cook

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