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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ya Fue Enero {Week 29}

We went to the Lujan zoo again!
Wow, where did January go?  It seriously flew by!  Anyways, sorry I haven’t sent a big email for  awhile...  This week was the best, hardest week ever!!  So lately, Elder Warner and I have been working on our Carpeta de Area and the map for our area!  We have permission to work on it, because it’s a MESS!!  There are so many papers from missionaries dating clear back to 2007!!  So we spent so much time in the pench trying to organize everything and get everything all neat.  That is SUPER HARD!  I felt trapped with a sea of papers in our room.  It was a horrible feeling! haha But luckily we pushed forward and we finished everything!  So this week is going to be amazing!! That’s something that my mom just told me in her letter... "WE are the ones who CHOOSE if we have a good week or not!"

But also this week was super milagrosa!  So, we found a RUSSIAN!!  In Argentina!!  He moved here 4 years ago to get away from a hard life in Russia, and he LOVES the Gospel!!  It’s been super awesome to teach him because he speaks less Spanish than us, so we teach him in English, but still it’s hard for him.  He can’t read in Spanish or English, so we’ve had to search on lds.org in Russian and print things off and luckily the offices had a Book of Mormon in Russian!!  But he is seriously so awesome!  I’ve never had an investigator like him on my mission yet.  He’s a heavy smoker and when we taught him about the Word of wisdom he said he would keep it except for the smoking part.  He likes his cigarettes!  He didn’t want to give them up.  But yesterday, he came to church and really liked it!  He was like, “Hey so I can still get baptized on the 27 of Febuary if I stop smoking right?”  And we were like, "YES OF COURSE!” haha.  Now he wants to quit so we are going to be helping him with that.  We also finally got the Book of Mormon in Russian for him and gave it to him yesterday and he was so grateful!!  We gave him a part to read and he was like, “Okay thanks for this part, but I want to read the whole book, I can do that right?!"  He was so grateful that we had a book in Russian.  He said he couldn’t believe that our religion had a Book of Mormon in Russian in Argentina!  Wow, so that was a HUGE MIRACLE!  I would have never thought that I would be teaching a Russian in Spanglish in Argentina! haha His name is Andre!  But yeah I will keep y’all updated on his progress!

We also found a family this week and taught them lesson one.  They were super interested and when we challenged them to be baptized they were like, "yes of course" then we also gave them the date for the 27th of Febrero and they accepted!!  We invited them to church and they said that they would come for sacrament meeting, so we were waiting outside the doors for them but they didn’t show.  That made us really sad and we tried to call them, but we lost their phone number!!  So, we went into sacrament meeting and while the bread was being passed, the father showed up!  He had to wait outside until the sacrament was over, but we went out and got him and he said he was sorry that he was late, but that his wife had a problem and they weren’t going to come, but he really felt like he needed to come so he came on his own!  That was another miracle yesterday!!  This Sunday was FULL of miracles!!! 

It really is after the hard times, when the blessings come!  I have always liked a quote by Katy Perry haha “ After a hurricane, comes a rainbow.”  It's so true.  I really hope that President keeps me here in Mercedes so I can see these people be baptized!  Transfers is next week and I’ve been here for 2 transfers already, so I hope I get one more!!!

I also was able to give a talk this week in chruch on the atonement!  Something that I realized is that EVERY SINGLE PERSON NEEDS THEIR OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND TESTIMONY WITH THE ATONEMENT.  So my challenge for all of you is to try and get that if you don’t have one and if you do, make it stronger!!

Well anyways, that was our miraculous week.  Now we are going to CHOOSE to have another one this week!
Elder Warner's one year mark!!
I love you all!  Never forget your blessings, and don’t forget what Christ did for you.  (D&C 19:16-19)

Elder Cook   

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