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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mercedes Round 3 {Week 30}

The crew
Okay, so this week is transfers, but all of the elders in Mercedes are staying!  This transfer is going to be longer too, because they changed the MTC enter date for my mission... This transfer will end the 29 of March.  So I’ll be here for a while longer!!  I’m glad.  I love it here.  It’s super awesome and I really want to see my investigators be baptized.  They are doing good.  But this week was hard to get in touch with Andre, the Russian, because here in South America they do a thing called “Carnaval.”  It's like from Friday to Tuesday and the whole city shuts down and everyone parties.  Actually in Mercedes, what they do is they throw things at you!!  Hahaha  It was so funny, Elder Warner and I didn’t know about it & on Friday we were riding our bikes down the street to go to lunch and we saw a group of kids on the side of the road.   We said hi to them and to answer us back they threw water balloons at us!! hahha  Elder Warner SCREAMED so loud!  haha and I was dying!  He got soaked and I was completely dry.
Mi amigo

We thought it was just them, but it turns out it’s a tradition here.  So on the whole way to lunch we were dodging water balloons! haha  It was super funny!!  It was seriously like a war zone!!  But the bad thing is, people dont just throw water balloons, they throw ice, rocks, or whatever they have… it's actually really dangerous.  We told our zone leaders what was going on and they talked to President and President had us stay in the pench the whole weekend.  That was so hard!!  It’s SOOOOO BORRRIINNNGGG!! Hahah and I think we have to stay in tomorrow too!  Ever since Friday we’ve been cooped up in the pench!!  But ¿Que va hacer?.  
We found a Walmart in Lujan!  It's really Argentine though...kind of disapointing... I thought they would have American food.
So yeah... that was my fun week.  Remember to show LOVE to all!  It’s the most powerful force in the universe.  With love we can do anything!  So, this week show a little love to those around you.  I know you will feel the love of God in return!

Love you all!

Elder Cook

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