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Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission
C.C. No. 92
1702 Ciudadela
Buenos Aires

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

{Week 14}

Okkk so this week was super good!  Elder Paskett and I are always trying to mix up our routine a little bit everyday because we do the same thing basically everyday haha.  But it’s really good!  Spanish is coming along a TON!  I can understand almost completely what people are saying... now I’m just trying to get speaking down.  There are always challenges in each week, but there are also always miracles!  I learned that I need to be searching for miracles DAILY because they are always there!  Lately we have been trying really hard to find news.  We’ve been seriously trying to talk to every person we come into contact with.. It was kinda intimidating at first, but like even on the buses that we take almost daily we announce that we have a message to share with people that will help their lives, and give them cards.  We have found so much success by doing this.  I always thought that people would see us as annoying salesmen and probably some do, but I have noticted that the people here have been really receptive to us!

Something that I learned this week…  I've been studying a lot about humility!  I learned that seriously the downfall in society is pride!  That is the biggest characteristic of satan!  I’ve been working super hard to figure out how I can be more humble as a missionary.  Something that me and Elder Paskett have learned and talked about is COMPARISON triggers pride, and GRATITUDE triggers Humility!!  So I would like to invite you all to figure out how you can be more grateful in your everyday lives!!  Which leads us to become more humble, which is one of the more important attributes of Christ!  Something that I decided to start doing for this week is to only offer prayers of gratitude.  I learned this in seminary around Thanksgiving time and it seriously makes such a huge difference!!  If we just pray in gratitude and don’t ask for blessings, we will be more blessed!  God knows exactly what blessings that we need!  When we show him that we are grateful, he is way more willing to bless us!!  So that is my challenge to you guys this week.. and I have found that it’s pretty tough!  We are so used to asking for blessings in our prayers because that’s what we have always done.  But for this week, I challenge you to only offer prayers of thanks and forgiveness.  Try not to ask for ANYTHING!  If you do this, I KNOW that God will bless you with the things that you would have asked and even more!

This week we have been teaching this awesome family who is really interested in the church!  They have really been needed peace in their lives and they think that they have finally found it here in the church!  Their names are Claudia and Pedro, and they have a son, Elias.  They are super capo!! (Spanish word for stud..  haha all the Argentine missionaries use it.) They accepted to be baptized in November but they are "juntado" which means they are living together and not married, so that’s a little wall that we have to climb over but I have faith that they will be able to be baptized.  Seriously EVERYONE in Argentina is Juntando!  It’s super frustrating!!!!  They don’t really believe in marriage here... mostly because you can’t really get a divorce... something to do with the court systems, but it takes like 10 plus years to get a divorce so to be safe none of them get married!!  haha Anyways, thanks for all of your love and support!!  I hope that you all try and be extra grateful this week!!

Love Elder Cook

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