Elder Hunter Wayne Cook
Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission
C.C. No. 92
1702 Ciudadela
Buenos Aires

Elder Cook’s mission cannot receive packages from the U.S. :(

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

{Week 13}

So this is all we got from Elder Cook today!  He didn’t have time to write a big email, but he had time to answer some questions.  Oh and also, he was able to download General Conference to his flash drive to listen to.  YAY!!!!!!

   Question:  Did you transfer to a new area or get a new companion?  Tell us more about it.
1. I am in the same area with the same comp., but he is dying this transfer (going home).  So next transfer I'll get a new comp. and probably be leading my area because we dont really do "white washes”, which is where they take both missionaries out.. unless there is a problem.  So I’ll probably be leading my area with a new comp.!!  I’m super stressed for that!  So pray for me to get a good comp.  haha
We found a nice restaurant like Starbucks
   Question:  I am going to send you a Halloween package through the Argentina company.  I listed his choices and asked him what to send.  This was his response:
2. Oh yay!  Thanks so much!  Goldfish, pretzels, nutella, kitkats, mac and cheese, everything else I can buy here.

   Question:  How has the weather been?  Do you sleep with you sleeping bag or is your bench warm?  Have you figured out was to eat/cook better so you are not starving?
3. The weather has been better, it is spring right now, but it is still super cold!
Right now I use my sleeping bag and it stresses me out to think of how I'm going to pack it back up again.  Yeah I’ve been eating... kinda haha I eat ramen noodles, hard like Kelle taught me when I was younger.   haha Probably every day... Also we have this awesome ward memeber that is super rich and whenever he thinks about the missionaries, he sends us food!  He probably sends us dinner 3 times a week.   He asks us to call him so he can send us food when we are hungry.  He is so nice!  I love him!! haha His name is Hermano Nuñez but we call him Papi Nuñez!  He's amazing!
Going to General Conference in Moron
Question:  What has been a funny experience this week?
4. Umm I'm not sure.... We have a lot.  But a  couple of weeks ago, a dog peed on Elder Paskett’s leg and it was super funny!!!

When I was sick I put bags of cold milk on my belly haha
Question:  What has been a spiritual experience this week?
5. Spiritual experience… Okay, so we had lunch with this member who is super poor!  I always hate going over to his house because it’s so dirty and he doesn’t have a sink so nothing really gets washed and like all the silverware and stuff are just rinsed…They don’t really use soap here… Anyways, it stresses me out every time... THE DIRTIEST PLACE, but I realized I'm just super prideful and I need to get over that!  Because he is so nice and after we ate he started to share his testimony and he started crying, thanking us for what we do, because he was so greatful for the missionaries that taught him and brought him to the gospel.  He said that we need to go out there and find more people who are searching for the gospel like he was.. Seriously all he has is the gospel… He doesn’t have a family and lives alone… All that he looks forward to is church and giving lunch to the missionaries… So I felt super bad that I felt that ways towards his house, because I know he’s giving us all he has!  I love him!  I realized I needed to be way more humble.

   Question:  The hardest thing for you this week?

6. I don’t know either haha. A lot of things are hard... maybe lately just being “America sick"  not just homesick but America sick haha
Watching like 20 minutes of General Conference in English
 Question:  The best thing that happened to you this week?
7. Sacrament meeting!  It is always the best thing of the week!  I love it so much!
Kelle- My bad haircut here. Help me haha

  Love Elder Cook

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