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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Last Week At The MTC!! {Week 5}

Argentina Bound!!

So crazy that this is my last week!!! It doesn't seem real!  Also, as of today I am going to Argentina on Monday!  So, I believe that means I GOT MY VISA!!!  But that could change.... So cross your fingers... this week has been really crazy! 

First of all today is super crazy cuz we are trying to wash all of our clothes, get haircuts, email, pack, and go do a session….I literally have no time so sorry if this is a little short...

   First off, I LOVE SUNDAYS!... I have found like my good friend Mckenna Kirby always told me, Sundays are the day that gives you the boost and the spiritual charge to get you thru the next week..  You have to rely on Sundays!  Never forget the importance of going to all 3 church meetings with a desire to learn and feel the Spirit... because when we do, we will get our spiritual charge that will allow us to get thru the next week!  GO TO CHURCH!!!!  I promise it will  benefit you tremendously!  
This is how the MTC makes us feel most of the time...Stressed haha
On Sunday, we get to go to movies.. this week we went and saw “The Character of Christ" for the second time.  They only show it here at the MTC because of promises meant only for missionaries... it was given by Elder Bednar.  It seriously is so good and talks about how we need to turn outward and not inward.  Because Christ ALWAYS turned outward!!
Also, on Sunday we had an awesome devotional!  We had a MISSIONARY CONCERT basically hahaha. The Nashville Tribute Band came and played for the devotional and the Spirit was so strong!  Look them up!  They are a really good mormon band.  
My district and where we're all going
One thing that I’ve learned here at the the MTC is how important LOVE is!  I truly believe that love is the most powerful motivating force in the entire universe!  Through a sincere love, which is a gift from God, we can literally change the world and do anything!  

On Monday, we gave a bunch of lessons again and we got to do another skype lesson.  This time it was a lady from Buenos Aires West!!  Her name was Jimena.  It was a really cool experience to talk with a native that is where I’m going!  But the bad part is Argentina Spanish is not the Spanish I learned here at the MTC!  They speak so fast with a "sha" and they talk in "vos”  I literally understood like 10% of what she was saying, so that really freaked me out.  Because here I got to the point where I could understand basically everything.  But I’m nervous for the Argentina Spanish!!  So pray for me haha.  
Argentina clan
I also came to the realization this week that this mission is going to go by so fast!  On Tuesday night I started crying because I realized how fast the time was going.  I CANNOT LET ONE SECOND of the Lord’s time go by unnoticed.  I only have less than 23 months left to live this way and to only focus on others and the gospel.  I cannot let one person go by without opening my mouth and talking to them.  The time is running out and I’m already getting anxiety about coming home.  I feel I don’t have enough time to preach the gospel.  In a devotional we learned about how the people who we teach are going to remember us for eternities!  They will never forget who introduced them to this glad message!  I want to help everyone I come into contact with Come Unto Christ.  I can’t put it in words the love, joy, and power I feel from this gospel and THE ATONEMENT!  Seriously use the atonement daily!  It is such a source of POWER AND STRENGTH!  Without it I wouldn't have been able to make it these past 6 weeks.  
All the books I'm supposed to somehow pack...
Midnight snack 
I also learned something because I always feel like I need to be perfect, so to all the perfectionists out there listen up... Jesus Christ wasn't perfect because He strove to be, He wasn’t perfect because He was a perfectionist.  He was perfect because He was a God, and because He was the greatest example of LOVE!  So my challenge to all you out there this week, is to try to place others before yourself and try your best to show LOVE to EVERYONE!  
Sorry this has been short.. I have so much more I would love to say but I don’t have time!!!!!!

LOVE YOU ALL!  Remember Christ, remember His atonement and use it EVERY DAY.   It’s NOT JUST FOR SINS!  And have LOVE FOR EVERYONE!  
Elder Cook

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