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Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission
C.C. No. 92
1702 Ciudadela
Buenos Aires

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy late Thanksgiving!!! {Week 20}

Okay, I dont know where to begin...  This week I had my first division with a Latino!  I was super nervous because I didn’t know how well I’d be able to communicate, but it was AWESOME!!  I was able to understand everything and speak everything that I wanted too!  I was with Elder Churasco from Chile.  He’s 26 and he’s awesome.  I’ll send photos!  
Elder Churasco

Also, I LOVE Mercedes!  It’s awesome here and the people are super nice!  It’s super weird though.  It's completely like a little Europe!  Everyone here is from a European descent.  Mostly Italians.  So I get a lot of good food!  They are nice too.  But they have their European pride haha. That’s a little difficult to work with, but we’re doing our best!  We have this awesome family in our branch who have a deep Italiano descent and they gave us lunch on Thanksgiving!  That was super awesome!  Hermana Cappacio made us a stuffed turkey with rolls and mashed potatoes, and we brought a gravy mix packet that we had!  It was super good and she made PUMPKIN PIE!   She is super awesome!   I love that family a ton!  So that was sweet...  
She dressed up like an Indian and has us be the cowboys haha

Thanksgiving dinner

Pumpkin pie!!!

Thanksgiving dinner--best meal from Argentina yet!

This week was a tough one though.  My comp, Elder Starr, was really sick.  We weren't able to teach as much as we would have liked to.  His body has problems with Argentina and the climate.  Right now it's getting better though because it’s getting A LOT warmer!  It seriously is like 100 degrees and a lot of the days feel like 100 percent humidity!  But I guess that’s just Argentina for ya.  I’m glad I’m not freezing in Utah right now!  

Today we went to the Lujan Zoo!!!  That was AWESOME!!  I got to get in the cage with Lions and Tigers and Bears and Elephants and a bunch of animals!!  It was sweet and I have a ton of pictures!

Something that I learned this week and put into practice because of Thanksgiving, is about how strong gratitude actually really is!  I have found that every time that I feel a little down, sad, or tired I offer a prayer just of thanks.  Thanking God for everything that I do have and everything that I really am grateful for!  It really changes my way of thought and my feelings EVERY TIME!!  I challenge you all to try it.  It seriously helps a ton!  I’m grateful for all of you and for everything that you guys have done for me in my life!  I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to serve my Savior and help my brothers and sisters.  I encourage anyone who is thinking about going on a mission to DO IT!!!  It seriously is the best thing ever!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s the hardest thing that I’ve ever done, but it definitely is the best!  I’m grateful for this opportunity and it’s already going TOO FAST!!  I’ve almost been out for 5 months!!  So crazy!!

Well, I love you all!!

Elder Cook

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