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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

FLASH!!!! {Week 21}

Last night with Elder Starr on the roof
Okay so this was the weirdest and hardest week of my mission probably!!! haha

So on Tuesday we got a call from President who said that he was going to open up Mercedes B (we are supposed to be in a pench of 4 but there is only 2 of us, so we are running the whole city by ourselves.)  So he said he was going to send 2 new elders out on Wednesday to open up the other half of the city.  We went home to start getting everything ready for them, and then 2 hours later we got another call from President and he said that he needed Elder Starr to go be a zone leader in Marcos Paz so I was going to get a new companion too!!  (This is called a flash because it's not in line with transfer meeting.)  So on Wednesday, Elder Starr left and 3 new elders came to Mercedes.  My new companion is Elder Rojas.  He is from Chile and he has 16 months on his mission.  This is good because now I really am going to learn Spanish haha!
My new comp. Elder Rojas from Chile
But then on Thursday, President called us again and took the 2 elders out of Mercedes B so he just left me and Elder Rojas!!!  SUPER WEIRD!!  So I just swapped companions basically!! haha 

Elder Dye and I on divisions!
Catholic Basilica in Lujan

But this has been super difficult for me because I don't really know the area very well or any of the people!!  But I'm expected to because I've been here for 2 weeks.  So it's been really difficult to know where to go, who to visit, and explain to my companion, who speaks Spanish, about all of our different investigators and menos activo familias that we are working with!!  Super FRUSTRATING!!!  Oh my goodness!! haha.  But yeah.  This has by far been the hardest challenge that I have had so far.  One of the hardest weeks of my life!!  I was sick on Saturday too throwing up, so that was a plus! haha 

Then on Sunday we had to go to Lujan for a training from the AP's.  But we didn't know how to get there by bus since we are both new!!  Finally after waiting at the bus stop for an hour we got on the right bus and got to Lujan, but then we didn't know where the church was in Lujan or where to get off!! hahaha So we got off like 40 blocks away... We went to call the elders of Lujan and we realized that we left the cell phone on the bus!!!!!  ahhhhhh!!! hahah so many problems!!  So we ended up taking a taxi... and luckily the taxi driver knew where the Capilla Mormon was! hahha  But yeah so the struggle has been REALLY REAL this week!  haha So I'm hoping that this week will be a lot better!  I know that after the trial and sacrifice comes the blessings, so I'm trying my hardest to hope for the best!!!  I know that Satan is trying really hard to discourage us, which means that we are close to finding "Nuestra Querida Familia"!!! 
River in Campo

So thanks so much for all of your prayers!! They really do help a ton!!

That's something that I have learned from this past week is the power of prayer!  We can pray at any time for anything!!  I don't know how many countless hours I've spent on my knees so far on my mission.  Especially this week!!  I love the song " Sweet Hour of Prayer."  "Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer, that calls me from a world of care, and bids me at my Father's throne, make all my wants and wishes known.  In seasons of distress and grief, my soul has often found RELIEF"!! I love my Father in Heaven and I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have to speak with him!  I know that he hears and answers every prayer that we offer!!  I know that he "matches with his own, the tears his children shed." 
We got caught in the biggest rainstorm ever and the roads all flooded
Rain haha
I testify that I know that trials really are what make us stronger.  They are HARD and HORRIBLE sometimes, but they really are for our good!  They are "The Lords mercies in disguise".  So to any of you who are going thru a tough trial, DONT GIVE UP!!  Christ is there.  Your Father in Heaven is there.  Just a prayer away!!

Love you all!! Thanks so much for all of your prayers in behalf of me, and all the other missionaries throughout the world!!
I love it here!

Elder Cook

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