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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Last Week With Elder Paskett :( {Week 17}

So this is my last week that I'm with my papi Elder Paskett!! I'm super duper sad!  He has seriously been the best trainer that I could have ever asked for! Seriously he has became my best friend!  And It's not even that I'm just getting a new comp but Elder Paskett is going home!!! I've been with him 24/7 for the last 3 months haha and so now I I don't know what I'm going to do without him!!  He is basically the only friend I have in this country haha so if you guys could pray that I'll have an easy transition with my new comp!!   

On Colectivo (the bus)
This past week I learned SOOOO MUCH!  We did a division with the other elders of our district (you switch companions for 24 hours).  This month I decided that I wanted to test my faith and ability so I asked if I could do the division with a new elder.. (newer than me) haha When we were doing the switch I was thinking to myself that I had made a horrible mistake!! haha I was super scared because he didn't know like ANY Spanish and I am still struggling a lot with the language!! I felt like I was being dropped into a Spanish speaking country with another American that didnt speak the langauge! Well I guess that's what really did happen! hahaha.  The only thing that made me do this was, I knew that when we "take initiative"  and just have faith and try, God will bless us with the ablility to do what we need to do!  So that was a day full of prayers and stress, but I was blessed with the ability to do it!!  I realized that the only thing that has been holding me back with the language has been my own doubt!!!  I have been doubting in myself to be able to speak... I was more worried about what I could do than what God could do for me!!  Anyways, I did the division and it was such a MIRACLE!!!  The morning of, Elder Paskett gave me a blessing and blessed me that I would be able to understand and communicate everything that I needed to if I had faith.  I trusted in God and his power and tried my hardest, and I was able to understand EVERYTHING!  I was speaking without even thinking about what I needed to say or how to translate it!!  It was a complete miracle that God gave to me!  It was still super stressful because I was literally being a trainer myself and helping the new missionary, but with God I was able to do it!!

My Capilla
This is the family that we eat dinner with every Tuesday night.  They are seriously THE BEST!  I love them with my whole heart.
 This strengthened my testimony of faith tremendously!! I know that FAITH is seriously one of the most powerful things that we can possess!  In "True to the faith" it says somehitng like how faith is what power is based on... If we have faith in Jesus Christ we can have POWER to do whatsoever thing. (Moroni 7:33)  In the Bible it talks about someone being able to heal  people because of their faith.. they weren't an apostle or had the priesthood or anything but they were just acting in perfect faith in Jesus Christ and were able to do miracles in his name!  So my challenge to all of you is to STRENGTHEN YOUR FAITH!! In Jesus Christ and His power!  Our faith is strengthened when we get to KNOW CHRIST!  You need to know OF Him but also KNOW HIM!  Do you know Christ? We can always strengthen our faith.  I don't care if you are Thomas S. Monson or an 8 year old... you can always get to know Christ better and strengthen your faith!! 
Parque sign on the bridge

Also read/listen to the talk that President Uchtdorf gave in the general womens session of conference this October!! It is amazing!
Matching ties (From Car, Tar, and Lexi)

Elder Cook

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