Elder Hunter Wayne Cook
Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission
C.C. No. 92
1702 Ciudadela
Buenos Aires

Elder Cook’s mission cannot receive packages from the U.S. :(

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just another week in the sur {Week 11} (In the MTC they count half weeks so technically Week 10 1/2)

My package!!
This is package from a company based in Argentina (Missionary Packages Argentina) who helps us to be able to send packages to our LDS missionaries, since we cannot do if from the U.S. They have a limited amount of items, but we are grateful they can at least send them something!
Well where do I begin?  This week was great!  Oh Thursday, I went to the Capital (Buenos Aires City Center) to do tramites (visa stuff) and it was awesome!  It was rainy but the city reminds me of a mix of NYC and Puerto Rico.  There are a bunch of sky scrapers and it’s city like but it’s super dirty and stuff haha.  But I really love the city.  I wish that it was in my mission.  I think it’s split up between BA North and BA East.  So I won’t get to go there again ever probably... but I envy the north and east missions because it’s the most "american" you can get in Argentina!  haha I actually saw a TGI Fridays as we were driving!  Thursday was just a great day!  The Johnson’s (a missionary couple) came and basically brought us Christmas!!  I got a NEW BIKE!!  And we also go NEW MATTRESSES!  I was super excited!!  My bike was breaking down every day almost and the mission just got a couple new bikes so somehow I got one!  Super lucky... my comp didn’t haha.  He’s stuck with the old rusty one still...  
I made cheesy potatoes!!  I felt like I was at home!!

Yummy sandwich!

This week was pretty interesting though... it was super rainy but not as cold as before... I think that it's starting to warm up!  In Argentina they have what’s called "alfajors”.  Oh my goodness I'm addicted.  I have to have one every day or I have withdrawals.  haha They are actually not that good..I tried one in the states before I left and they were just alright.. it’s kinda like a cookie thing.  (Family, they are the things that Elder Wiggins gave us try.)
From cleaning our oven window...

I forgot to write down what I wanted to talk about this week soI guess I'll just talk about what’s coming up this weekend...


Seriously I have never been more excited for it in my entire life because I get to hear it in English!  I miss English haha.  But anyways I challenge everyone to watch every session and every talk!  And start with a question... I like to fast during conference about my question.  It seriously makes the world of difference!  Before it was really hard for me to pay attention, especially for 10 hours, but when I fasted I was able to be attentive to every talk!!  So if you guys could do that, I know that it will help you!  A prophet of God is literally going to speak to us.  The prophets words are the Lords words (D&C 1:37).  What would you do if you knew that this weekend Christ was coming to speak to you?  To answer your questions?  Would you go?  Would you listen carefully? Maybe take notes?  Well that is what is happening.  The voice of the lord will be heard this weekend.  Are you going to be there to hear it?  So, that is my challenge. Seriously take advantage of this opportunity!!
Walking in the rain
Elder Cook wearing the tie that I (his sister) crocheted for him.  He wore it on my birthday and sent me this picture!! :)

Love you all.. sorry it’s really short this week... I don’t have much time!

Elder Cook

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