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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

BUENAS! {Week 9}

Hola!  ¿Como le va?  This week was another great week in Argentina!!  The Lord has blessed us with so many miracles here in Parque Leloir.  We have found so many new investigators that want to learn more about the gospel!  I learn so much every week about so many different things.  This is such a help for my life!  I’ve learned so much about how people work and the purpose of life.  I can’t really put into words what I’m trying to say so sorry hahaha, but I just know that the mission is teaching me so many life lessons.  One lesson that me and my comp were talking about this morning is about the purpose of trials.  I have always been taught that trials are what makes us stronger, but seriously it’s so true!  In every part of our lives there are different walls that we have in front of us and we have 2 options; climb it and get to higher ground, or be stuck where you are not able to progress further.  The first option is of course the best, but it’s also the hardest... but that’s why it makes it the best!!  Through climbing and trying to make it to the top we are strengthened.  We could never accomplish anything if everything in life was easy.  What would be the point?  
This our friend we named Teddy!  He always follows us around, he wants to be a missionary!
I have also gained such a strong testimony of the power of PRAYER!  I feel like at times we may overlook this simple act.  Through prayer we are literally in contact with the most powerful being in the universe.  We can talk to Him wherever we are and whenever we want about whatever, because He is ALWAYS THERE!  He wants to hear from us and wants to help us, but we have to ask!  It’s the greatest lifeline we could possibly have.  He is the greatest counselor, greatest listener, and greatest advice giver we could ever possibly have!!  Prayer is such a powerful and great gift that at least I feel like I take for granted at some times.  Just think about it!  Think about how great and powerful a tool it really is!  
I found BBQ sauce!!
Here in Argentina "la lucha es real" The struggle is real haha.  It’s really sad.  Everyone here basically has nothing!  They would do anything to come to America.  Every house or building that I’ve been into is seriously either a concrete box or I don’t even know how to describe it.  It’s super sad.  It has been such a huge testimony builder to me on how important an education really is.  Here no one goes to school.  The government has tried to make it as easy as they possibly can for people to graduate from high school.  It’s only like 3 hours long and super easy and if you just go you can pass.  But people DONT GET IT!  They don’t care!  It’s just a huge cycle of poverty.  All the men work in construction because they didn’t want to go to school so they dropped out and started working with their cousin pouring concrete, and they do this for the rest of their life.  And all of the women clean all the rich peoples' houses.  There are a few select people who care and get an education and they have the big houses and the poor people build them and clean them.  It’s just super sad and frustrating because that’s the lives of the parents and they just let their kids do the exact same cycle and don’t teach them about the importance of an education.  There are so many members in our ward that went back and are going to high school right now and they’re like 45.  Also, they pay for you if you want to go to college.  No scholarships or anything.  The government pays because they want their people to be educated, but no one does it because they don’t want too!  SO FRUSTRATING! 
So I decided to make a cucumber salad cause we don't have anything to eat and I'm trying to be creative.  It's just cucumbers with vinegar, salt, and pepper! haha
Also, there are so many people who are ready to be baptized and have testimonies and really want too, but people don’t get married here!!!  Like NO ONE!  80% or more probaby have been together for 10 plus years with 4 kids and they have never thought about getting married and they don’t want too!  We call it “juntado”.  It’s super frustrating and no one will get marrried so they can’t get baptized!
Anyways, sorry I kinda went on a huge tangent today…  haha.  Oh, also I got bit by a dog this week!  haha.  That’s another thing, each family has 3-5 dogs and then there’s double that, that are homeless and roam the streets!  It’s super sad because I feel like I’m in one of those sad animal abuse advertisements because all the dogs are starving and injured and missing eyes and legs and things.  It’s super sad!!
Here's where the dog bit me.  The wound is lower and NOT in the picture, but yes I was bleeding.
Anyways, love you all!! I hope you have an awesome week!  And don’t forget to pray!

Elder Cook

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